Digital Data Transcription & Re-mastering Services


Hampton Data operates a full service for the transcription and reformatting of digital oil exploration data and data files from many other industry vertical markets. Using various leading software packages including Troika’s Magma Tape Transcription Software, Hampton Data can copy, demultiplex and reformat nearly all known data recording formats.

We have a vast array of tape, cartridge and optical drives for transcribing data on media spanning the last 40 years of information technology including:

hard-drive-2-24Open Reel Magnetic Tapes such as 9-track and 21-track;

hard-drive-2-24Digital Linear Tape such as DLT and SDLT;

hard-drive-2-24Square Tape Cartridge media such as 3480, 3490 and 3590;

hard-drive-2-248mm & D8 Cassettes such as Exabytes and AIT;

hard-drive-2-24Digital Data Storage & 4mm Cassettes such as DAT;

hard-drive-2-24Quarter Inch Cartridges such as SLR and MLR;

hard-drive-2-24Travan Cartridges such as TR4;

hard-drive-2-24Disk Media such as CD, DVD and various Optical Disk formats.

Hampton Data are able to copy data in any format and on virtually any media. When copying from media to another we produce an exact bit-to-bit copy of the data. No prior knowledge of the input data format is required.

Hampton data can reformat data from and to a wide range of formats including: 

  • RODE, TAR, IBM standard Label encapsulation, VMS Backup 
  • 7-track and 21-track tape formats
  • Proprietary formats such as Exxon & Shell internal formats

With Hampton Data’s second to expertise and the vast array of tape drives, archive of system back-up software, and specialist tape copying and data recovery software, there is virtually no digital tape device or archive data format that we are not able to transcribe, reformat, recover or read.

List of Current Tape Transcription Equipment Available
Transcription Hardware Description Qty
9 track ½” Drives (Qualstar and 9914) 15
Fujitsu 3480/80 Drive 5
IBM-3590(E) Drive can read data from all variant of 3480 and 3490/3490E cartridges) 7
IBM-3590B drive 8
Exabyte 8mm 2
HP DAT drive (4mm) 2
DLT drive (Tandberg) 2
Cartridge Cleaner (3480/90/3590) (For Cleaning and re-tensioning of cartridges) 2
Microprocessor controlled Cleaning system for 9 track tapes 2
Microprocessor controlled Heating system (Oven) For baking of sticky tapes 4